I membri della giuria che selezioniamo per ogni concorso si sono già contraddistinti nel campo internazionale dei servizi fotografici matrimoniali. Quindi riescono a distinguere una buona foto di matrimonio da una foto di matrimonio carina. Verrà posta particolare attenzione a: impatto, emozione, atmosfera, particolarità, utilizzo della luce, composizione e post-produzione. 



Tutte le partecipazioni verranno giudicate anonimamente, quindi il nome del fotografo non sarà visibile e i membri della giuria non potranno discutere tra di loro sulle foto.
Nel caso una particolare foto venisse votata da 2 o 3 membri della giuria, questa foto verrà premiata.
Un membro della giuria non potrà vedere quale foto è stata votata da un altro membro della giuria.
Un membro della giuria potrà dare il suo voto al 10% delle partecipazioni
 Non c’è un minimo di numero di voti per membro della giuria



Sophie Calleweart


Wedding photography is my passion and has developed during my time at the theatre. From 1997 to 2006, I (have) worked at the Hessian State Theatre (Hessisches Landestheater) in Marburg in the field of stage lighting and, additionally, I was responsible for stage photography.
There are many parallels between stage photography and wedding photography: there is only one attempt to capturing moments and emotions, the excitement and tension is almost tangible, and one has to anticipate the next important moment to preserve it in a photograph. During my work at the theatre, I got more and more requests for weddings. In 2006, I became self-employed as a wedding photographer and since that time, I work as a freelance wedding photographer all over Germany and Europe.
Since 2008, I give coaching and workshops for professional photographers all over Germany and Europe.
More than 600 weddings in Germany, Australia, Mexico, Singapur, Italy, England, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Masters of German Wedding Photography, Current Ranking Pos. 2, 11 Awards, 11 Lifetime Awards
Top20 der ISPWP
German Bride Awards 2016 & 2018


Sander van Mierlo


Hello, I’m Paul Fletcher, a full time documentary wedding photographer from the vibrant city of Brighton. I'll bring my enthusiasm and love of wedding photography to your wedding day, capture the excitement and joy, and deliver a new and exciting perspective of your day. I shoot in a relaxed documentary style and am always on the lookout for an epic portrait opportunity or unique perspective.

Currently 14 awards at the Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE

Susan Eikenaar


I am a wedding photographer based in Germany with a photojournalistic approach. I love to tell stories in a completely candid way. Streetphotography is my second big photographic love.
So far I have won 22 awards at Masters of German Wedding Photography and some at the WPJA and at "This is reportage"